The Story

Our founder dedicated his career to protecting people at work. He was an operational risk manager for brand leading international businesses and has received national awards for innovation and technical writing..

He left his role as a corporate risk manager to create Active Agenda. He wanted to create solutions to the obstacles faced by risk managers. He wanted to make risk management possible. Our founder relied on the three F's (Friends, Family and Fools) to fund initial development. He later joined an insurance brokerage as their Director of Change in exchange for ongoing funding for Active Agenda development.

He eventually secured a $500k seed investment and began transitioning his software to a browser-based application running on the Internet. He entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the largest reinsurance company in the world within several months. The reinsurer wanted to brand Active Agenda in order to reinforce its brand name in the US market. His investors got greedy, shut down his access to capital, and leveraged their control over his development partners to accelerate his burn rate.

Our founder started over with an open source development and distribution strategy. His open source strategy proved to be just as perilous as taking money from the wrong people.

There's a lot more to the story.

Evidence of Reality(external link) is a quasi-fictional prequel, and sequel, to the Active Agenda story.

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