Open Source Contributors

The following list of people and/or organizations have contributed to the Active Agenda project. Each contributor's role is provided. If you're looking for assistance with a subject that is similar to the contributor's specific contribution, please feel free to contact them directly for any assistance you might need.

If you are interested in helping us to help others manage risk, please feel free to contact us(external link) and initiate a dialog. We are always looking for great people to help us: build and refine the Active Agenda generator (techies); specify and/or author and/or refine Active Agenda modules; and, develop Partnerships (written compliance programs). Anyone participating in the project is required to complete the  Joint Copyright Assignment Agreement before contributions can be accepted and posted to the project website. We are happy to insert a link to the website of individuals or organizations JointCopyright.pdfsponsoring the work of our contributors.

Core Technology


Module Definitions


Partnerships (Written Programs)


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